Here are the main questions that we are regularly asked and that you may also be asking yourself.

The property

  • Is it a castle or an old farm?

It is an 18th century chartreuse, built by Léonard de Grézis in 1758, a doctor and notable of Domme, whose ambition was that his son should be ennobled. It had to look like a château, with the codes of a château, but La Burague will never really be a château, because the French Revolution came before it could be ennobled.

  • I see that you have several gîtes in the same property, isn't that annoying?

The main building is 35 metres long and was divided into three parts in the 19th century. We occupy the central part. Each gîte has its own access and private garden with barbecue. The configuration of the premises means that no one is in the way. We have limited the capacity of the gîtes so that it is as comfortable for you as for us. The gîte Jardins, which used to be a barn, is opposite the gîte Dordogne, but apart from the front door, all its openings are on the other side.

Swimming pool

  • Is the pool safe?

The pool is secured by a roller shutter and barriers. However, we would like to remind you that children should not be left unattended in the pool area.

  • Is the pool heated?

It is a large infinity pool, heated from May to September by solar panels. It works with salt. There are parasols, a dozen deckchairs and a steam room.

  • Is the pool private?

When all the gîtes are occupied, experience shows that people don't go to the pool at the same time (except when your children get together with other children of the same age, which happens!)

Jacuzzi, sauna, etc.

  • Are other facilities shared?

Yes, the sauna (infrared), the jacuzzi, the massage chair, the games room (with indoor and outdoor games for children and adults), the table tennis table, the table football, the swing and the hammocks are shared. But it is unlikely that everyone will be in the same place at the same time.

Covid 19
  • What measures are you applying?

We apply the recommended barrier measures (disinfection, provision of hydro-alcoholic gel, masks inside for people outside your family, distancing, etc.)

  • What happens if there are new restrictions related to Covid-19?

We apply the regulations in force: you have 18 months to reschedule your stay, failing which you will receive a full refund.

House Rules
  • Are there any specific "house rules"?

In fact, not really, because these are rather common rules of civility in principle.

  • Can we make noise and play music?

We would like to keep this place quiet, for the well-being of all. So we ask you to avoid playing music outside, for example. We would like to stay on good terms with our neighbours! Yes, even in the countryside, there are always neighbours!

  • Do you accept pets?

They are always very well behaved, according to their owners, but even if they are discreet they always leave memories. We therefore allow them on a case by case basis, but only out of season.

  • Can we invite friends?

If you are going to invite guests to your home, please let us know. Without exceeding the capacity of the gîte, of course.

  • Are your gîtes non-smoking?

The gîtes are non-smoking: We urge you not to smoke inside, even through the window, nor outside near the entrance door, and not to throw your cigarette butts on the ground.

  • Can we arrive earlier or leave later?

Despite our desire to accommodate you as much as possible, we have little or no flexibility in this area. We need the time to clean the gîtes, the people who do the cleaning have schedules, so it is rarely feasible.

  • Can we find a caterer?

Yes, we can provide you with a list of caterers (from supermarket caterers to high-end restaurants) which you can find in our Mapstr app.

  • Are you green?

Ecological lodging, eco-responsible lodging, eco-guesthouse, sustainable tourism, slow tourism - all these names cover very different realities, from caricature to opportunism, through more or less sincere greenwashing. Let's be clear, our adherence to a network of ecological accommodation does not bring us more guests. Our only wish is that the guests we welcome are more sensitive to the surroundings in which they spend their holidays, and that they appreciate more what we are trying to do.

To be stamped " ecological lodge "We do not see this as a commercial argument, but rather as a way of supporting a direction that we believe is necessary.

  • What is the difference between the Dordogne and the Périgord?

None. Périgord is the name of the Ancien Régime. What was the province of Périgord became the Department of Dordogne.

  • What about you?

Young retirees, we are passionate about the region and a little in love with our house. We welcome you as friends and not as tourists.

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