The most beautiful sites to see

Whether you are visiting the Dordogne for a few days or several weeks, even if you stay within a 70 km radius, you will not be able to see everything. That's why many of you ask us the same question: What are the 3 castles, 3 bastides, gardens, etc. that we would recommend?

Here is the result of our selection, based on our tastes, but also on the feedback of our visitors:

The gardens : Marqueyssac (candlelight evenings on certain evenings in summer), Carsac water gardens, Eyrignac (white picnic on certain evenings in summer)

Castles : Castelnaud, les Milandes, Biron

The bastides : Domme, Monpazier, Eymet

Most beautiful villages : La Roque Gageac, Beynac, Saint-Léon sur Vézère

The markets : Sarlat, Saint-Cyprien, Issigeac

Prehistoric caves: Lascaux 4, Bernifal, Rouffignac

Prehistoric rock shelters: Castel Merle, Cap Blanc, Shelter Pataud

Troglodyte sites: La Roque Saint-Christophe, La Madeleine, Belvès

Museums : Château de Sauveboeuf (prehistory), museum of automata in Souillac (Lot), Zadkine museum in Arques (Lot)

Outdoor activities : Canoeing on the Dordogne or the Vézère, hot air ballooning, gabarre

Churches and monasteries : Saint Sacerdos in Sarlat, Cadoin cloister, Saint-Front cathedral in Périgueux

Gallo-Roman sites : Vesunna and the tower of Vesonius, Moncaret

Unusual : Breuil huts, Reignac stronghold, pterosaur beach at Crayssac (Lot)

House of Illustrious : Maison de la Boëtie in Sarlat, château de Montaigne, manor house of Jean Tarde in La Roque Gageac.


That alone is a lot. And if you want to make a reservation, see the journey times, the route from where you are, see some photos before you go or simply look at what there is to see in the area (but also, restaurants, producers' shops...) you can download our Mapstr app (on your mobile phone) on vXjAyuWsib

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