Gastronomy of the Périgord

"It is not only a country where people eat well, it is also a country where people eat well and where cooking is considered to be one of the finest arts.

André Maurois.


In Cénac and Saint Julien :

La Traverse, known as "Chez les filles

Sawadee (Thai restaurant)

La Promenade (tobacco bar with restaurant)

La Boca (brewery)

In Domme :


Le Comptoir d'Annam (Vietnamese restaurant)

Ferme auberge la Borie blanche

In La Roque Gageac :

The beautiful star

O Pleasure of the senses

Ferme auberge le Colombier

The Little Arbor

Les Terrasses de Marie (seafood)

In Vitrac :

La Treille

In Daglan :

The little Paris

In Saint Martial de Nabirat :

The Saint Martial

In Sarlat :

The bistro of the octroi

The big blue (former Michelin star)

The gardens of harmony

La Couleuvrine

The 3 senses

The Presidial


  • The 7 Michelin Stars of 2021 (we have highlighted in blue those that are close by)

A Perfume of Gourmandise Périgueux
Michelin starred restaurant in Dordogne Périgord
67 cours Saint-Georges ? 24000 Périgueux ? Tel: 05 53 53 46 33

The Abbey Mill Brantôme in Périgord
Michelin starred restaurant in Dordogne Périgord
1 route de Bourdeilles ? 24310 Brantôme en Périgord ? Tel: 05 53 05 80 22

The Frescoes Monestier
Michelin starred restaurant in Dordogne Périgord
Les Vigiers ? 24240 Monestier ? Tel: 05 53 61 50 39

Le Vieux Logis Tremolat
Michelin starred restaurant in Dordogne Périgord
24510 Trémolat ? Tel: 05 53 22 80 06

The Tower of the Winds Malfourat Mill
Michelin starred restaurant in Dordogne Périgord
24240 Moulin de Malfourat ? Tel: 05 53 58 30 10

The Essential Périgueux
Michelin starred restaurant in Dordogne Périgord
8 rue de la Clarté ? 24000 Périgueux ? Tel: 05 53 35 15 15

In addition to the starred restaurants, we also have a good number of "Bibs gourmands" (complete menu for less than 35 ?, without drinks) and here again, we have 4, within 10 km, which we have also put in blue:

? The Workshop in Périgueux
? La Table du Pouyaud in Champcevinel
? Le Bistro d?en Face in Bergerac
? The Bistro des Glycines at Les Eyzies
? O?Plaisir des Sens in La Roque-Gageac
? Leo's Table in Saint-Avit Senieur
? La Belle Etoile in La Roque Gageac
? Le Petit Paris in Daglan
? O Mill in Carsac
? La Verrière in Chancelade

Of course, you don't have to go to the restaurant every day and you will probably enjoy strolling around the Saturday market in Sarlat, but also on the village markets around.

The Dordogne is an agricultural department, and one of the largest. But it is a rather traditional agriculture, of small producers. And they are not for nothing in the gastronomy of the Périgord. A little reminder:

  • Truffle: fragrant, incomparable, expensive - but nothing like the truffle imported from Italy or elsewhere
  • Foie gras, confit, stuffed neck, gizzards, magret: everything is good in duck or goose
  • Anchaud: a kind of pork confit that can be eaten hot or cold
  • Strawberries: even in the Périgord there are strawberries outside the soil! But the real ones are sublime.
  • Asparagus: delicate, healthy, delicious
  • Ceps: a cep omelette can put you in a state of mind
  • Bread: there are still bakers who make sublime bread, without additives, taking the time to make real bread.
  • Walnuts: present in Perigord salad, walnut cake, aperitif and walnut liqueur, you can have walnuts from the beginning to the end of the meal!
  • Trout: I don't know what they eat in the Périgord, but even farmed trout taste good!
  • Salmon: same for salmon
  • Caviar : We have two producers in the Dordogne, who would have thought it?
  • Walnut oil: an excellent alternative to olive oil
  • Trappe d'Echourgnac (which is a cheese, not a beer)
  • Wines: Bergerac, Monbazillac, Pécharmant, Domme wines
  • Old plum: here, the one we prefer is the one from Souillac which is in Corrèze, but let's not be chauvinistic!

And finally, here are some suppliers:

  • Businesses

Quinte Farm (sale of farm products in Cénac)

Commont Farm (sale of farm products in Cénac, Pech de Caumont)

Vialard Farm (local producers' shop, organic or not) Sarlat

With Perigord truffles (quality foie gras, confits, magrets, etc., Place de la Liberté in Sarlat)

Jouve House (foie gras, pâtés and local specialities of excellent quality)

Turnac Farm (very good duck foie gras, in the commune of Domme; the Germain family also makes walnuts and offers a visit to the duck farm)

La Halle de Cougnac (in Payrignac, in the neighbouring Lot, very good products)


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